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You can now complete your online application using any operating system, browser, mobile device or tablet (with an internet connection).
This page will look the same, but the links will take you to our NEW "device neutral" application system.

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Verify the status of prehospital personnel
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Replacement Cards ($23 each)

To replace a lost or stolen card, you will need to make an appointment with OCEMS and go to the office and complete an application in person.  There will be a $23 fee.


Now you can print your own cards!
Orange County Accreditation ($40 for 1 year)

To qualify for Orange County Accreditation, you must either be

  • A current Certified EMT in California OR
  • Applying for Accreditation along with your EMT Certification Application
  • You do NOT need to be certified through OCEMS to be accredited
  • One application for both initial and renewal accreditation
California EMT Initial Certification ($110 for 2 years)
  • Never been EMT Certified in California OR
  • Renewing your EMT card through OCEMS but it was initially issued by another certifying body, such as ICEMA, LA Co. EMS, OCFA (need new Live Scan if applying through OCEMS) OR
  • Using a higher certification or license (AEMT or Paramedic) to apply for your EMT certification OR
  • EMT Certification has lapsed 24 months or more (without NREMT, must repeat EMT course and complete all requirements as a new EMT)
California EMT Re-certification ($72 for 2 years)
  • EMT Certified in California through OCEMS AND
  • Meet Re-certification requirements according to Orange County policy 410.00